Heaven Inspired Matrimonial Matches

The combination of the Civil War and a 19th Century Pandemic cause a shortage of single men—resulting in a matrimonial service started by an orphanage matron and several pastors. The group bases the agency on Rebecca and Isaac’s story and works together to find a way to match women to Christian men in the west to form H.I.M.M., short for Heaven Inspired Matrimonial Matches. 

A Fresh Start for Christmas is book one in the series. Subsequent stories are A Bride for DavidWillow’s WorthA Beekeeper for Christmas, Magnolia’s Measure, A Bride for Alston, and A Baker for Bear.

Memphis Rose Griffin loves teaching at Counting Stars Children’s Home. The girls and staff are like family, and working here ties her to her mother, whose last wish was for Memphis to take her place as teacher. But something’s missing. Now at the age of twenty-eight, her teenage dream of having her own family has all but faded.

Until her pastor and the orphanage founder come with a proposal that will change her life forever. Should she become their first candidate for their new matchmaking venture? Though grim, at least her future at the orphanage is familiar and certain. Can she risk an unknown future with a man she’s never met?

The last thing thirty-three-year-old Mike Montgomery wants is to marry again, especially to someone he’s never met. His family has other plans for him and completes the application without his permission–even changing some of his preferences to make him seem more intriguing. Can two star-crossed candidates dare to dream again?
Mathematics teacher Daisy Murphy agrees to participate in a new matchmaking service organized by her pastor and the matron of the orphanage where she has spent the last fifteen years.
Romantic, yet practical, she’s systematically eliminated all candidates but one and anticipates getting to know him better through months of correspondence.
Time is not on the side of David Taylor. He has a nephew and niece to think about, and his attorney has warned him he will lose custody of both to their rich grandfather if he doesn’t have a wife.
A teacher longing for security, a businessman about to lose the only family he has; and a proxy marriage that can give them both exactly what they need.
Telegraph operator, Willow Graham, has benefited from a unique lifestyle growing up on her grandfather’s ranch. She loves the wide-open countryside, where she rides and trains animals. With her twenty-first birthday approaching, her family pressures her to return to the city and take up the lavish lifestyle her uncle has planned for her. But another option piques her curiosity –a matchmaking agency’s recommendation that she begin correspondence with a handsome farmer.

Hardworking, twenty-seven-year-old, Leo Weaver, is a man of many talents. He’s helped his father develop a successful farm. Loyal to Carrie town, he volunteers as a deputy sheriff. But handsome and charming, Leo’s become the target of several well-meaning ladies in the community who have submitted his name for a new matchmaking venture.

Willow craves the outdoors. Leo loves community life and wants to live in town. Can a matchmaking agency really help two independent people realize the opposing desires of their hearts?
She’s whimsical and fun-loving, he’s gruff and likes to keep things simple. Has the matchmaking agency made an error in judgment? Can affection soften two stubborn, opinionated individuals forging a relationship of the romantic kind?

Bethany Phoebe Brady loves assisting her grandfather with his bee farm and volunteering at the Counting Stars Children’s Home. A tall woman, she’s always felt awkward and unattractive and now at the age of twenty-seven, she’s given up on the dream of a family of her own.

Until her grandfather and the orphanage founder come with a proposal that will change her life forever. Should she take a chance and turn her future over to the new matchmaking venture? Is her desire to have a family of her own, enough to risk a future with a man she’s never met?

Encouraged by his brother’s success with his mail-order bride, twenty-nine-year-old, Moses Montgomery is ready to take a chance. Afterall, he orders things from a catalog all the time, why not a wife? She should be sensible and take an interest in his business at the livery stable.
Will Magnolia’s execute a foolproof method to find her ideal match? Can Jay live up to her expectations?
Choosing to participate with a matrimonial agency as a mail-order bride, Magnolia proceeds methodically and uses her skills as a cook to create the perfect recipe for a husband.

A successful businessman, the idea of putting another person’s needs in front of his own is foreign. He’s shocked when a young cook from an orphanage intrigues him.

A potter in need of a home, a businessman thirsty for the inheritance his marriage will bring; and a proxy marriage that will mold and reshape them both.
Since her parents’ death; Elly Emerson handles the household and the pottery business to help support the family farm. Left out of the will Elly is faced with homelessness when her new sister-in-law makes it difficult to remain in the family home.

Alston Pike, Engineer, and Millwright believes hard work is the cure to mend a broken heart. Enticed by his grandmother’s offer to fund his new project, he agrees to marry within three months.

Is Elly trading one lion’s den for another?

Will Alston’s business-minded approach to marriage leave him wanting more?

A debutante baker with a stammer. A compulsive widowed blacksmith with two young daughters. Will they find a way to coexist or even better, forge a romantic relationship? Ada Pike longs to leave the life of a socialite and use her skills as a baker to love and nurture a family. A move to the country will perfectly suit her first steps into life on her own. Barrett Montgomery rejects the idea of a mail-order bride. What he needs is a housekeeper—someone he can fire if things don’t work out the way he likes. Can a matchmaking agency work miracles to bring two people with opposing goals together?
Can his mail-order bride handle the diversity that comes with her husband’s dangerous vocation? Together will they blend their opposing desires to create a recipe for love?

Selah Anderson agrees to participate in a matchmaking service organized by her pastor and the orphanage’s matron, where she spent most of her life and become a mail-order bride. The man of her dreams will share her love of creating delicious confections and running a successful bakery. People will come for miles to purchase her specialty-shoo-fly pie.
Stagecoach driver Emerson Clark isn’t looking for love. But he knows life is better with a partner by your side- like a good team of horses supporting one another around the ruts in the road and along the narrow paths. As long as she’s practical, he’ll be happy.
Alice Connelly agrees to participate in a new matchmaking project organized by her pastor and the orphanage’s matron. She can find no peace accepting a role as a mail-order bride and instead becomes the first volunteer to accept a job in a local restaurant and relocate to Carrie Town, Texas.
She hopes the experience will help her to discover what she wants in life. But in a town where single men outnumber women thirty to one, she’s more confused than ever. Determined to put her skills as a baker to use, she plans a holiday dinner for the diner featuring a crowd pleasing deep-dished spiced apple dessert

Can an itinerant mail-order bride find her recipe for her happily ever after?
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