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A harsh, scar-faced, rancher, An impulsive, whimsical teacher go together like dandelions and daydreams. Well, she thinks so anyway…

Carrie Ann Dixon’s impulsive nature has cost her a teaching position. Destitute, she agrees to seek the help of a matchmaker. She believes there’s a happily ever after within reach for everyone, and she’ll work hard to make her dream come true. Casting her past failures aside, she’s thrilled with the idea of moving west and requests a match with someone who embraces adventure and will be enthusiastic about building a romantic relationship.
Gabe Russell, former solider and regimented rancher, isn’t looking for love. Instead, he needs a cook, housekeeper, and babysitter for his four younger siblings. Hence, his request to the matchmaker includes, “My desired match should be a no-nonsense, hard-working woman who knows the importance of following a schedule.

A semi-retired bootlegger and a beleaguered sheriff- because no good story ever started with cookies and milk.

She’s shaking off the dust of her well-worn boots, not looking back and hoping for a transformation. All she needs is a new dress, a new town, a husband, and a fresh start. Daughter of a traveling merchant, Bethel is tired of peddling her Daddy’s “Special Sauce” and being run out of town by every sheriff east of the Mississippi. So it’s time to head west. She just needs to sell a few more bottles to help fund her trip. After all, who wants to meet their new husband looking like a gypsy? If only she could shake off that irritating detective waiting at the stage stop.

Sheriff Bart Bailey can’t believe the chaos awaiting him at the jailhouse. He has enough on his plate with his two nieces dumped in his lap by his irresponsible sister. Now his zealous replacement has already arrested the flaming-haired beauty sitting in the cell who resembles the gal on the wanted poster.
If only the first mail-order bride he sent for had shown up; the girls definitely need a mother. Hopefully, the woman he’s been corresponding with recently will fit the bill. He plans on sending for her as soon as he has the money.

A woman running from her past, a confirmed bachelor determined to protect his heart, and a town committed to sharing the Christmas spirit. Can a Christmas quilt be the spark that ignites their love, melts their stubborn resolve, and uncovers their hidden desire?

Twenty-one-year-old Olive is sick of living her father’s lifestyle as an itinerant preacher turned peddler. The latest tar-and-feather incident has made her desperate enough to enlist in a matchmaking venture, of all things—anything to escape further humiliation. Olive accepts a job as a seamstress in Carrie Town, Texas, where single men outnumber women thirty to one. But the last thing on her mind is matrimony. No man is going to tell her how to live her life. Olive would rather spend the rest of her life chained to a sewing machine.

She’s making a run toward hope, love, and family and she’s not letting go.

Orphaned as a young girl, Ella longs for a life she’s only read about in books. To escape a desperate situation, she heads west as a mail-order bride, narrowing her choice of spouse to three brothers, a millwright, a businessman, and a horse trainer, all searching for a marriage of convenience which will provide the inheritance that will finance the family’s business venture in Oklahoma.
Newspapers claim the unchartered territory is a land where streams flow with milk and the heavens rain down a supply of honey. Will her road lead to the Promised Land?

When disappointed hopes collide – Will a wilting mail-order bride muster enough resolve to soften a hardened rancher’s heart? Can this mismatched couple blaze a trail to form a partnership of the romantic kind?

The new raven-haired cook’s beauty has caused quite a stir in town, especially between the handsome teacher and the woodcutter raising his niece. Bets are on.

 Alice Connelly agrees to participate in a new matchmaking project organized by her pastor and the orphanage’s matron. She can find no peace accepting a role as a mail-order bride and instead becomes the first volunteer to accept a job in a local restaurant and relocate to Carrie Town, Texas.
She hopes the experience will help her to discover what she wants in life. But in a town where single men outnumber women thirty to one, she’s more confused than ever. Thrilled to put her skills to use, she enters her crowd-pleasing deep-dished spiced apple dessert in a baking contest. Sparks fly as more than one suitor competes to win the opportunity to join her for dinner and dancing at the town’s first annual Thanksgiving in Action Celebration. But is the winner the man of her dreams? Bets are on.

Can a spirited pastor’s daughter up the ante, causing a card-playing, cigar-smoking workaholic to wager his heart?

Mercy Fairchild, a pastor’s daughter, is ready for adventure. She’ll comply with her late father’s last wish—to obtain the help of a matchmaking service and find her a young pastor out west to marry. Yes, she wants God’s perfect plan for her future, but she hopes it will be an exciting plan. Perhaps a missionary in a new territory?

Widower Ace Caldwell’s unruly children make keeping a housekeeper impossible. The last one left in less than a week! If he could only be as good a father as he is a card player! But with his job as a railroad detective, he can’t be home more than a day or two each week. At least a wife would be legally and morally vested to remain. Wouldn’t she?

Can his mail-order bride handle the diversity that comes with her husband’s dangerous vocation? Together will they blend their opposing desires to create a recipe for love?

Selah Anderson agrees to participate in a matchmaking service organized by her pastor and the orphanage’s matron, where she spent most of her life and become a mail-order bride. The man of her dreams will share her love of creating delicious confections and running a successful bakery. People will come for miles to purchase her specialty-shoo-fly pie.
Stagecoach driver Emerson Clark isn’t looking for love. But he knows life is better with a partner by your side- like a good team of horses supporting one another around the ruts in the road and along the narrow paths. As long as she’s practical, he’ll be happy.
A debutante baker with a stammer. A compulsive widowed blacksmith with two young daughters. Will they find a way to coexist or even better, forge a romantic relationship? Ada Pike longs to leave the life of a socialite and use her skills as a baker to love and nurture a family. A move to the country will perfectly suit her first steps into life on her own. Barrett Montgomery rejects the idea of a mail-order bride. What he needs is a housekeeper—someone he can fire if things don’t work out the way he likes. Can a matchmaking agency work miracles to bring two people with opposing goals together?
A potter in need of a home, a businessman thirsty for the inheritance his marriage will bring; and a proxy marriage that will mold and reshape them both.
Since her parents’ death; Elly Emerson handles the household and the pottery business to help support the family farm. Left out of the will Elly is faced with homelessness when her new sister-in-law makes it difficult to remain in the family home.

Alston Pike, Engineer, and Millwright believes hard work is the cure to mend a broken heart. Enticed by his grandmother’s offer to fund his new project, he agrees to marry within three months. Is Elly trading one lion’s den for another? Will Alston’s business-minded approach to marriage leave him wanting more?
Fans of historical romance setin the late 19th century will enjoy this story of a cook agrees to participate in a new matchmaking service organized by her pastor and the matron of the orphanage where she has spent most of her life. 

A successful businessman, Jay Matthews, agrees to apply to the matrimonial agency to appease his grandmother. Content with his life and has no intention infollowing through. He’s shocked to find himself drawn to a cook at an orphanage. Can he measure up?
Will Magnolia’s execute a foolproof method to find her ideal match? Can Jay live up to her expectations?

One of my favorite characters now has her own story:

Opposites attract, but does this former debutante have what it takes to be wife, mother, and live on a ranch? Can a controlling cowboy who is more concerned with his axle than his wedding, find a way to steer a courtship in the right direction?
Victoria Wilson is a beautiful, misunderstood spinster, and the person all the other women love to hate. She’s ready for a change. Does she have the courage to take a chance on the matchmaking venture her pastor recommends? This couple brings a whole new meaning to the adage that opposites attract.
Fans of historical romance set in the late 19th century will enjoy this story of a young woman struggling to overcome prejudice and find her own worth. As the circumstances of Victoria’s background are revealed, we discover a heroine who deserves a happy ending.

The Innovative Women of Carrie Town Texas

One of my goals, when I write, is to combine my love of history with an inspirational theme, a bit of romance and believable characters. In my debut novel, Rebecca’s Hope, I introduced innovative young women Garnet’s Gift is a continuation of the tale and includes characters initially introduced in subsequent stories, such as Emma’s Dream, Lois’s Risk and Maggie’s Strength and Carol’s Choice.    

Combining history, humor, and romance with an emphasis on faith, friends, and good clean fun, fans of historical romance set in late 19th-century will enjoy delightful tales of courage and reminds us how God uses adversity to strengthen us and draw us closer to Him.

Rebecca’s Hope – 2019 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Finalist – Best First Western
Fans of western historical romance will enjoy this beautiful story set in late 19th-century of love and forgiveness. As the unfortunate circumstances of Rebecca’s childhood unfold, we discover a heroine who is both resilient and kind. Rebecca and Sam’s love story will have readers rooting for their happy ending.

Emma’s Dream is a continuation of this tale told from Emma’s perspective. Combining history, humor, and romance with an emphasis on faith, friends, and good clean fun, Emma’s Dream is a continuation of this tale from Emma’s perspective and reminds us how God uses adversity to strengthen us and draw us closer to Him. Now Available in paperback.

Lois Weaver has been schooled to be polite lady-like, honest, to clean, cook and sew, so at the proper age she would marry. As an adult, she surpassed her father’s expectations with her skills and beauty only to shatter them when she opens a dress shop. She risked everything to open a dress shop . Now the handsome bank owner has come calling. So why isn’t she happy? And why can’t she forget about a certain farmer with big brown eyes?

Pint-sized blacksmith Maggie Montgomery enjoys working with her father and brothers in the smithy until a handsome young doctor, Benjamin Barton Jr., returns to live in the community. Why does his disapproval of her vocation make her sensitive to how she’s perceived by others? Maggie draws on unrelenting strength where iron sharpens iron–a lesson straight from the blacksmith’s shop–forging an unexpected result of the romantic kind.

Leaving her lifestyle of shopping, lavish parties and holiday endeavors for a simpler life is a temporary solution until she can make a match of her own design. Carol struggles to let go of the past, embrace the present, and hope for a better future. What she doesn’t bargain for is the handsome livery-stable owner, who understands the true meaning of family and Christmas. Will love conquer lavish?

Nw available in paperback

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