Something Exciting is here…

Lockets & Lace is a collection of sweet romances from the 1850s up into 1920s from Sweet Americana Sweethearts’ Blog authors to enjoy! In 2018, now 2019!

I’m so excited to be a part of this project and excited to announce my contribution to the collection, A Promised Land, is now available for pre-order:

CLBD2019_L&L_KimberlyGrist_APromisedLand_EBOOK_FINAL2Twenty-year-old Meriwether Walker enjoys teaching students of various ages and skills in a one-room schoolhouse. What she hates is the nomadic lifestyle that comes with it as she rotates boarding with families in the community every month. From feeling like an unwanted guest to leaky roofs and bedbugs, Meriwether longs for a place to call home. Unexpectedly she inherits an estate from a devoted uncle. 

A buyer is already lined up. But Meriwether snatches at the opportunity to put down roots in Trickling Springs, Texas. The handsome prospective buyer thinks she’s holding out for more money and she finds him rude and offputting.
Circumstances cause them to work together and their feelings change. But is he interested in her, or is the real attraction the property and the water rights he needs and she has inherited?

Combing History, Humor and Romance with an emphasis on Faith, Friends and Good Clean Fun, A Promised Land is available on April 8th:

Available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited:

Also available in paperback:

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