The Inspirational Brides of Carrie Town Texas

Boxed Sets now available:

After years of thinking about it, in 2017, I began writing my first novel, where I introduced a western town in the late 19th century filled with colorful characters and innovative young women. Inspired by my own grandmothers, from the very beginning, my objective was to combine History, Humor, and Romance with an emphasis on Faith, Friends, and Good Clean Fun.

Rebecca’s Hope – 2019 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Finalist – Best First Western
Fans of western historical romance will enjoy this beautiful story set in late 19th-century of love and forgiveness. As the unfortunate circumstances of Rebecca’s childhood unfold, we discover a heroine who is both resilient and kind. Rebecca and Sam’s love story will have readers rooting for their happy ending.

Emma’s Dream is a continuation of this tale told from Emma’s perspective. Combining history, humor, and romance with an emphasis on faith, friends, and good clean fun, Emma’s Dream is a continuation of this tale from Emma’s perspective and reminds us how God uses adversity to strengthen us and draw us closer to Him.Now available in a boxed set
Available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited and in paperback
Inspirational Brides of Carrie Town Texas Volume I


Inspirational Brides of Carrie Town Texas Volume 2

LOIS’S RISK: Lois is heartbroken because Daniel is ignoring her. Can she go against the 19th century rules of how a woman should behave and have the courage to tell Daniel how she feels?

MAGGIE’S STRENGTH: A tomboy at heart, she ignores her mother’s pleas to dress more appropriately. Until the son returns. A recent graduate of medical school, although handsome, the young doctor is stoic and obviously put out that his father has hired her to help his mother recuperate. Sparks fly and suddenly for the first time Maggie is concerned more about how she is perceived by others, especially the young doctor? The question is why?Can they get past their first impressions?

CAROL’S CHOICE: Leaving her lifestyle of shopping, lavish parties and holiday endeavors for a simpler life is a temporary solution until she can make a match of her own design. Carol struggles to let go of the past, embrace the present, and hope for a better future. What she doesn’t bargain for is the handsome livery-stable owner, who understands the true meaning of family and Christmas. Will love conquer lavish?


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