New Release

A semi-retired bootlegger and a beleaguered sheriff- because no good story ever started with cookies and milk.

She’s shaking off the dust of her well-worn boots, not looking back and hoping for a transformation. All she needs is a new dress, a new town, a husband, and a fresh start. Daughter of a traveling merchant, Bethel is tired of peddling her Daddy’s “Special Sauce” and being run out of town by every sheriff east of the Mississippi. So it’s time to head west. She just needs to sell a few more bottles to help fund her trip. After all, who wants to meet their new husband looking like a gypsy? If only she could shake off that irritating detective waiting at the stage stop.

Sheriff Bart Bailey can’t believe the chaos awaiting him at the jailhouse. He has enough on his plate with his two nieces dumped in his lap by his irresponsible sister. Now his zealous replacement has already arrested the flaming-haired beauty sitting in the cell who resembles the gal on the wanted poster.
If only the first mail-order bride he sent for had shown up, The girls definitely need a mother. Hopefully, the woman he’s been corresponding with recently will fit the bill. He plans on sending for her as soon as he has the money.

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