A Fresh Start for Christmas

***Although I enjoy mail-order bride stories, I’ve never written one. My concept is based on a backstory of several of my characters, mentioned in previous books, however this story is a stand alone. The concept is several pastors and the matron of an orphanage work together to find a way to match young women to men in the west to form H.I.M.M.” Which is short for Heaven Inspired Matrimonial Matches.

Memphis Rose Griffin loves teaching at Counting Stars Children’s Home. The girls and staff are like family, and working here ties her to her mother, whose last wish was for Memphis to take her place as teacher. But something’s missing. Now at the age of twenty-eight, her teenage dream of having her own family has all but faded.

Until her pastor and the orphanage founder come with a proposal that will change her life forever. Should she become their first candidate for their new matchmaking venture? Though grim, at least her life at the orphanage is familiar and certain. Can she risk an unknown future with a man she’s never met?

The last thing thirty-three-year-old Mike Montgomery wants is to marry again, especially to someone he’s never met. His family has other plans for him and completes the application without his permission–even changing some of his preferences to make him seem more intriguing. Can two star-crossed candidates dare to dream again?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081SF6HCK

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