New Release: Willow’s Worth

We live in a world where we have communication at our literal fingertips. I’m old enough that I recall the time where telephones were plugged into the wall and calling anyone outside of town was costly. While researching life during the 19th century I became fascinated by the lives of telegraph operators, many of who were women.

Messages were sent with dots and dashes and abbreviate much like we do today via text.

Telegraph operators would greet each other in morse code — at the beginning and end of their shift. They had the unique opportunity of getting to know other operators when they weren’t busy sending other people’s messages. Messages were sent with dots and dashes and abbreviate much like we do today via text. 

Telegraph operator, Willow Graham benefited from a unique lifestyle growing up with her grandfather. She’s independent and loves spending time riding and training animals. With her twenty-first birthday approaching, her family pressures her to return to the city and take up the lavish lifestyle her uncle has planned for her. But another option piques her curiosity –a matchmaking agency’s recommendation that she begins a correspondence with a handsome farmer.

Hardworking, twenty-seven-year-old, Leo Weaver, is a man of many talents. He’s helped his father develop a successful farm. Loyal to Carrie town, he volunteers as a deputy sheriff. But handsome and charming, Leo’s become the target of several well-meaning ladies in the community who have submitted his name for a new matchmaking venture.

Willow craves the outdoors. Leo loves community life and wants to live in town. Can a matchmaking agency really help two independent people realize the opposing desires of their hearts?

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